Skies of Almaty, Kazakhstan


    Here are some more beautiful pictures of Almaty, Kazakhstan.  These pictures are taken of the sky around the city of Almaty.  Southern Kazakhstan can get around 300 plus days of sun throughout the year.  It makes for some beautiful scenery shots like the one below:

    (Altay Mountains – Source:

    I was offered a job in Almaty for September of this year but I turned it down.  I am slowly regretting it 🙂

    View Skies of Almaty here:


    1. Kevin,
      What a beautiful photo. Unlike any that I have seen. I’ll bet that you were really torn to leave there. I have an entreprenurial friend that will be contacting you about business opportunities. His name is Michael. Have a great day. Mike

    2. @mike: Yeah, it was hard to leave. I never did return to Almaty since I left 10 years ago. I did visit my Peace Corps site afterwards but in October, it would have been 10 years since I last saw that town as well.

      Sure, send Michael my email. Have a good day as well.


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