Zen Plaza Sushi Bar – Saigon

At approximately 8:26 PM Saigon time (6:26 AM San Fransico time), I officially reached my 37th birthday.  As per my tradition in Saigon, I like to have my birthday dinner at the Sushi Bar at Zen Plaza.  Today was no different 🙂

I love Japanese food!!!  I know many of you do not know, but I am half-Japanese which explains why I love Japanese food.  I can make a couple good Japanese dishes myself.  If you ever have time, I will make you my “World famous” Japanese curry rice.

Saigon Sushi Bar - Zen Plaza

(Zen Plaza on the outside)

Saigon Sushi Bar - Zen Plaza

(Nice dining area which will soon be packed)

Saigon Sushi Bar - Zen Plaza

(One of my sushi dishes)

Saigon Sushi Bar - Zen Plaza

(Fried sushi)

Saigon Sushi Bar - Zen Plaza

(Sashimi, not for me)

Saigon Sushi Bar - Zen Plaza

(Fried fish and miso soup)

  • I love this sushi bar also, even more since I recently moved in just across Nguyen Trai street from Zen Plaza. I bring with me a tube of real wasabi, that I buy here in California, to heighten the experience. I usually do not drink alcohol but a carafe of saki with sushi is an exception. The 16 piece combo sushi platter for VND230K is my choice usually, with some miso soup and some edamame. Oishi/Ngon/Delicious

  • MelissaH

    Happy Birthday, K!

  • Peter

    Happy Birthday, I also love The Sushi Bar, but I go to the one on Le Thanh Ton.

  • A.J.

    Happy Barfday, did you get smashed on your bd? I love Japanese food and when
    I was in HCMC I wanted to eat some Japanese food but didn’t know which ones
    were worth trying in. I especially love salmon sashimi, any recommendations?

  • Dave

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!

  • Michael

    Happy Birthday, I’m a big fan of Sushi Bar at Zen as well.

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday Kevin!! You really haven’t elaborated on what you did in the states while you were on vacation other that watch Korean movies. Sounds like you have your hands full with the unConvention. The sushi looks delicious. Have fun.

    • @Mike: I got my pictures on a 8 GB SDHC but my card reader can only handle up to 2 GB 🙁

  • Le Huyen

    sushi sushi sushi..i love it too,,,, 😉
    anyway, happy bday K.. 😀

  • Hi,
    They opened Sushi Bar No.3.
    It is next to the Legend Hotel.
    I heard price was same as other two restaurants and more spacy as it has large space.

    But fried sushi was…
    The first time I heard.

    • @Hiro: Thanks Hiro. I heard about the new Sushi Bar. I have not had time to visit it. I saw your blog. Are you new in town?

  • Hi Kevin,
    I’ve been here about two and half years.
    I somtimes go Bui Vien as I have a friend there.

  • Nice to here. If you are free sometime, lets meet up for coffee.

  • Yes, Let’s meet up sometime.
    At Bobby Brewers?

  • Sure thing. I normally like to meet at Java Cafe. Are you free next Monday morning?

  • Hi Kevin,
    I replied via email.
    Yes, I am free at Monday morning.

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