Vietnamese Pho for breakfast

This morning I had time for some pho.  There is a good pho restaurant near my house.  It is one of the best pho in Saigon but for many, it is hard to reach.  I had bowl of pho and a coca cola for around 21,000 VND ($1.20 US).

Vietnamese Pho in Saigon

(Pho food stall)

Vietnamese Pho in Saigon

(Many customers come here in the morning and evenings)

Vietnamese Pho in Saigon

(My bowl of pho and coke)

This should be my last post from Vietnam.  My next post will be in the US.

  • Sammy

    You come back US temporary or settling?

  • Tuan

    Have a safe trip!

  • Wow, it looks delicious! Where’s that restaurant? Phu Nhuan Dist.?

  • So there is no info about your trip to US dude?

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