Kevin’s House – Best Saigon Restaurant :-)

I am making dinner at home more often now.  I am beginning to prefer this than eating out now.  Now only does it save you money, I think the quality and taste are much better.

Normally I will eat a fusion of American, Italian and Vietnamese.  I called it my Saigon Fusion Food and I love it.

Tonight I made spaghetti.  I bought all my ingredients from Big C.  The tomato sauce was from Italy (imported).  The spaghetti and most of vegetables were made and grown locally.  A Japanese Amerasian and Vietnamese cooks.  We ended up making a great dish.

How healthy are my new meals?  Well, all of the slacks I had tailored are now loose after a couple of weeks.  I have not even started to exercise yet so I was surprised when I lost the weight.

Anyway, here are pictures from my last home cooked meal:

Saigon Fusion Food

(Home made spaghetti)

Saigon Fusion Food

(Vietnamese/Western Fusion Salad)

Saigon Fusion Food

(A great dish by Chef Kevin)

  • Clifton Buck-Kauffman

    You lost at least two comments on this post, one was from me promising to host you for a spaghetti dinner now that we have finally got a kitchen. Joy is an enthusiastic, experienced and accomplished kitchen magician, even without a real kitchen! I expect her to create many wonderful meals for us and save enough money eating at home to cover our increased rent. (200%)

  • Yeah, I remember those posts. I switched my backup to Daily. I will get a backup of my database emailed to me once a day now 🙂

  • Le Huyen

    eh, it looks yumy ja?

  • Of course 🙂

  • Huy

    Sometimes Italian sounds good, after tour form HCM City to Hanoi consisting of just rice and side dishes. I was able to get a spaghetti dinner at one of the restaurants, satisfying.


  • Spaghetti is everywhere. Vietnamese really love it.

  • What is the Big C?

  • Viet

    wow, one can get spaghetti sauce in VN now? is BBQ sauce also available in the supermarket?

  • Yeah, pretty much.

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