Linux runs my life :-)

So I use Linux for most aspects of my tech life.  I only run Windows at school or work but nearly 99% of the time I am running Linux.

Yes, I can listen to music, watch DVDs, and edit Word documents in Linux.  Most of my colleagues and students do not even now that the documents I send them were edited with an open source word processor.

The only thing I cannot do is play my favorite games in Linux.  That will change in a couple years though as Linux starts to take a chunk out of the market 🙂

Here are my current Linux systems:

  1. Desktop – Arch Linux
  2. IBM Thinkpad T60 Laptop – Sidux Linux
  3. Acer Aspire ONE Netbook – Ubuntu EEE
  4. Dell Inspiron 8100 Notebook – CentOS
  5. T-Mobile G1Android
  6. Motorola Rokr e6MontaVista
  7. Nokia N800 Internet Tablet – Maemo

My Dell Inspiron 8100 and Motorola Rokr are currently working at the moment.  I need to replace the power supply unit on my Dell.  This will be the third replacement.  I dropped my Motorola phone a couple weeks ago.  It bounced a couple times.

Both units will be running by the end of the month.

So how about you?  What do you run Linux, or BSD (that means you Mac guys), on?

  • Hey Saigonnezumi,

    Linux is close to helping me run my life. I run it on multiple servers and desktops in and out of the home. I still have XP and support all kinds of Windows users but hopefully all that will change for the better over time. I’m trying to get GNU/Linux out there to more people and have even started a podcast at Stop by and check it out if you have a chance.

    Above all, keep writing about free software!


    David Sterry

    • Thanks for telling you commented to my post. It got listed as spam so I got it in time.

      I will ask a friend to help me do some podcasts. Normally I am too short on time to write much about FOSS but I know I should find the time.

      Thx for the comments…

  • TinhTruong

    Here is my Linux systems:
    1. Desktop – ArchLinux
    2. HP Pavalion dv5000 – ArchLinux
    3. Dell PowerEdge 440 – CentOS 5.x
    4. Dell PowerEdge 430 – Fedora 7 (a little out of date)
    Maybe I’m a little luckier than you, because I can play my favourite game on Linux years ago, it’s Counter Strike 1.6 😛

    • I want to get Arch Linux running my on Thinkpad T60. Some guys got it to work. Arch can run on the Aspire One netbooks too but I need Ubuntu there for my students.

      Lucky you on the games.

  • pclouds

    Desktop – Gentoo
    Del Inspiron 640m – Gentoo
    At work I usually dual-install Gentoo, or coLinux/Gentoo if I don’t have admin access.

    Maybe I should install iPodLinux on my iPod too 🙂

  • My devices which run Linux:

    OLPC XO laptop
    Asus EEE laptop
    Sony Vaio laptop
    WRT54G-L wireless router
    OpenMoko mobile phone
    Snom 300 desk phone
    Snom 320 desk phone
    DVR in the livingroom
    Motorola Z9 mobile phone
    My desktop computer

    And I may still be forgetting something…

  • Thanks Tracy. I forgot about my D-Link switch wifi access point which runs Linux as well. My modem may as well.

  • Faemir

    Desktop – Arch Linux
    Laptop – Kubuntu
    iPod 5.5gen – Rockbox (close enough? :P)

  • Rockbox?

  • Desktop – Debian Sid

    Listen music, watch films, edit digital photographs, web develop and design, web and database server for projects in development, numerical and analitical computations, document editing…

  • Amit

    Running Debian Lenny on a PowerBook G4 500MHz…Runs like a champ.

  • @Janos: Have you tried Sidux? I like it but I wish Gnome was available there.

    @Amit: I am waiting for the Valentine’s Day release of Lenny. It will go on my laptop. This will be an Ubuntu killer if you ask me 🙂

  • @SaigonNezumi (Kevin):
    No, everything works great with Debian, even with some packages from experimental due to prolonged Lenny code freeze.

  • Everything… totally runs Linux. Laptops/Desktops/handheld/netbook/phone. For my wife it’s all MAC. Desktop Phone/ Ipod.

  • @Janos: That is nice to hear. I am still waiting for Lenny stable though and possibly use the SID repositories as well.

    @James: A Mac wife is not bad, one step closer to Linux 🙂

  • jakswa

    Props for the G1, even if it is the first, rough-around-the-edges android phone.

  • Clarious

    My systems:

    Laptop: Arch Linux
    Desktop: Ubuntu 8.10
    My last phone used BSD (I have lost it 🙁 )

    I still have to keep a copy of Vista basic so I can run a (pirated) copy of AutoCAD (or I will get kicked out of the university :P)

  • Clarious

    @SaigonNezume: Yeah, got stolen in my university (again…) I guess I have no luck with cell phone, so I won’t buy another one. Well, at least I have greater freedom 😛

  • @Clarious: Too bad. I have been lucky, nobody ever stoled my cell phones but I did have one attempt. A xe om knocked my phone unto the ground nearly 5 years ago.

  • Wow that’s hell of a list.
    This website is also hosted in Linux? That might be another “Linux” for you.

    When Adobe Suite can runs on Linux, then I might think about living Windows. Mac is kinda expensive…

  • @Hieu: Yeah and I forgot about my server in QTSC which runs SLED. A second one will be there later this week.

    You can use VirtualBox to run Windows inside of Linux.

  • Vikas


    I use Ubuntu 8.04 and interestingly I own a MOTOROKR E6 too 🙂
    It’s nice to show-off a linux phone 🙂

    By the way, have you ever tried connecting to your phone through
    telnet/ssh ?


  • Vikas

    Hi Kevin,

    After wading through a lot of forum postings on, I was able to get ssh working today at last! I’m blogging about it right now.
    I’ll update the link here.


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