Saigon Al Frescos


I had lunch the other day at Al Fresco’s Mac Dinh Chi location with Patrick in Saigon.  I ordered a mushroom burger and we both shared some really good nachos.  Al Fresco’s is pretty good, a bit pricey even by Expat standards, but worth the price.  As usual, the service is pretty good though, I hate to say it, the cafe sua da is one of the worse in the city.  Stick with a coke 🙂

Saigon Al Frescos

(First floor of Al Frescos – Mac Dinh Chi location)

Saigon Al Frescos

(Waitresses very very friendly)


  1. Mexican food and good nachos in Sai gon?! It was non-existent during my time there. I will have to check this place out. Hope they are still open when I visit next. It may be at least another year or two before I get over there again.

  2. Most locals will go to KFE or Lotteria, though these two kinds of restaurants are never good for your health. All these fancy restaurants are never cheap in terms of Vietnamese’s standard 🙂

  3. I’ve eaten at Al Frescos too many times to realize. Its my comfort food here.

    (A sad fact that the staff knows me by my name and my voice when I call for delivery)

  4. I try to balance my fat eating days with days eating Oc in the streets or Bun.

    If anything the extra diarrhea will help me clear out that excess water!

  5. @JJ: Me too. This year I will need to watch my diet more. I really like this Hue street food so I think that will help me lesson my reliance on Western food.

    @Anh Hung: Pizza Hut is a popular haunt for young people. My students go there more often than me which is never these days.

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