Seattle Dental Group Visiting Vietnam

A dental group from Seattle will be arriving to Saigon later this week to spend a couple weeks providing dental education to orphanages, schools, and local people in Bien Hoa and Saigon.  My University of Washingon Alumni Mentor is a patient of theirs back in Seattle.

You can read about their volunteer work and visit to Vietnam on their blog, Enjoyz It!.

I will meet them next week but in all honesty, I am scared of dentists.  I have to make sure I keep my Ninja Pollution Mask on to protect my teeth from these dentists 🙂

Enjoyz It! blog ->

  • JJ

    I like my dentist more than I like my mom.

    My mom kept telling me to keep my big, fat mouth shut.

    My dentist told me he prefers working on those with big, fat mouths.

  • @JJ 🙂

  • Tuan

    Rofl @ JJ.
    Dentist is probably rank up there with car sales man as hated people lol.

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