Lumineux Cafe – Best Saigon Coffee shop

Update: Lumineux Cafe is now closed.

Here is another new favorite coffee shop of mine in Saigon. Lumineux Cafe is located inside a former American built villa.  The retro decor made me feel like I was actually at an older American home.

The food and coffee is great.  Luminuex Cafe is quiet enough for more personal business meetings.  Overall, it is a great place to hang out.

Saigon Lumineux Cafe - Best Saigon Coffee shop

(Nice retro decorations)

Saigon Lumineux Cafe - Best Saigon Coffee shop

(No need for fans, the old American-built houses cool very well)

Saigon Lumineux Cafe - Best Saigon Coffee shop

(You can play the piano if you like, it is well tuned)

Saigon Lumineux Cafe - Best Saigon Coffee shop

(Outside view of Lumineux Cafe)

Saigon Lumineux Cafe - Best Saigon Coffee shop

(Another outside view of Lumineux Cafe)

Lumineux Cafe is located on 12 Nguyen Thi Huynh in the Phu Nhuan District.

8 comments on “Lumineux Cafe – Best Saigon Coffee shop”

  1. Tracy Reed

    Just curious: How do you know it is an American-built villa? Was it built pre or during or post-war? It was probably actually built by Vietnamese but of American design perhaps? How is it different from any other villa?

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Hey Tracy, good question. A lot of buildings in the Phu Nhuan area were built for the US officers and soldiers during the war. You can always tell by the way they are built. They are still in very good condition.

    Plus my friend, who is interested in architecture, tells me 🙂

    I did not think it was an American built house since the ceiling was too high. My friend explained that it was high to keep the lower part cooler (heat rises). Also, outside there as a car port area which only Americans tend to have. The materials were also American style, no bricks were used it seemed.

  3. Dan Shupp

    I need to hang out with you more and learn the ways of phu nhuan before you move out.

    Ever go to the BBQ pork chop place next to the big green church on Le Van Sy?

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