Smokey, my Vietnamese cat, is a murderer


Smokey, my Vietnamese cat, did it again.  At least once a year, he either ‘murders’ a bird or mouse.  I do not know how either get into my house but if they do, they will face certain death.  Maybe I did not give Smokey enough attention when he was a kitten.  Maybe I should have thrown him across the room less often.  All I know now is that Smokey, aka Killer Smoke of Death, goes on a pyschotic rampage killing innoncent birds and mice.

I lock my room at nights now.  I swear I can hear Smokey howling all night…

Smokey, my Vietnamese Cat, murdered a mouse

(Smokey’s victim lying motionless)

Smokey, my Vietnamese Cat, murdered a mouse

(Smokey stalking his next victim)


  1. It is perfectly natural and normal for a cat to kill birds and mice. For a cat there is no such thing as an innocent bird or mouse. Only food and toys.

    We had some drama at our place last week when our dog Mia killed a big mouse in our back yard. I never see mice around here but she found one somehow. It was waiting on the back doorstep for Trang when she got up in the morning. Trang was running around and screaming like she found a murdered human being on our back porch!

    It was hilarious!

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