Best Saigon Restaurants – Soa Soa

Last night I had the best hot pot in Saigon at Soa Soa Restaurant in District 1.  Soa Soa fuses Chinese and Japanese tastes into one delicious hot pot.  Their Soa Soa hot pot special has the best tasting soup (nuoc) ever.  After I ate the noodles, meat and vegetables, I would drink the soup like it was a drink.  It was that good.

This was one of the first time where I got full from eating a hot pot in Saigon.  The mushrooms were excellent.  The sauce for the meat dipping was just as good as the sauce.

Definitely one of my favorite restaurants now.

Saigon Soa Soa hot pot - Best Saigon Restaurants

(Entrance to Soa Soa)

Saigon Soa Soa hot pot - Best Saigon Restaurants

(Soa Soa hot pot)

Saigon Soa Soa hot pot - Best Saigon Restaurants

(My nice meal)

Be sure to visit Soa Soa Restaurant for a great hot pot.

Soa Soa Restaurant
64 Pham Ngoc Thach,
District 1, Saigon, Vietnam

  • it really nice, you should have brought us there while we stay in Saigon 🙁

  • @ramana: I was too busy to see you all when you came. Next time you guys visit, I will treat you to some Soa Soa hot pot.

  • Ken

    I was there 2 days in a roll when I was visiting VN. Very good hot pot and a very nicely designed restaurant as well.

  • @Ken: So why is your email importparts? I miss that hot pot already 🙂

  • Ken

    Haha…I was imported to the U.S. from Vietnam…Hahaha…JK…Well, I used to be a wholesale car parts salesman, so hence the name.

  • @Ken: 🙂 Do you still do that kind of work? Import/Export type of job that is.

  • Ken

    @Kevin: No, I’m currently in the hospitality industry. Although, Import/Export is a very lucrative industry to be in.

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