Barcamp Saigon a Huge Success


Hard to believe that nearly 5 months ago, I posted an entry about organizing the first Barcamp in Saigon.  Nearly 5 months later, Barcamp Saigon was held at RMIT Vietnam.  Nearly 300 participants attended Barcamp Saigon 1.  Barcamp Saigon had visitors from Cambodia, Singapore and far away as the US (Washington, DC).

VinaConsulting helped sponsor the event.  It was nice to see that the two VinaConsulting banners were well placed.  You can see the banners on two of the five photos from PC World Vietnam‘s piece on Barcamp Saigon.

Both Leon and I gave presentations.  I decided not to present on Open Source Business Applications at this Barcamp.  I will save it for next year.  Instead, I wanted to focus on my use of Ubuntu Linux at the American International School, where I teach IT.  You can see my presentation at Slideshare #barcampsaigon.  You can view the presentations from other Barcamp Saigon presentors as well.

We had to keep our eye on the Live Schedule to figure out which sessions to attend.  I missed many good Linux presentations.  My favorite presentation focused on virtualization.  The Sexy Cambodian Bloggers session was enjoyable though many of the popular Vietnamese and Expat Vietnam Bloggers were not present at Barcamp Saigon.

I really have no complaints for Barcamp Saigon 1.  I did not even notice that the WiFi was down until some people complained about it. Despite this, RMIT should host Barcamp Saigon 2 next year.  There was even a discussion to collaborate with the organizers of Barcamp Phnom Penh and host a joint Barcamp Southeast Asia in 2009.  In short, Barcamp Phnom Penh would host the event on a Saturday.  At the end of this event, then participants would board a bus for Saigon and attend Barcamp Saigon on a Sunday.

Here are some good links and reviews in regards to Barcamp Saigon:

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See you all Next Year.

Edit: Subtracting volunteers, staff, and RMIT students, the actual number at Barcamp Saigon 1 may be around 200 participant.  Barcamp Saigon 1 and the Google Devfest 2008 had roughly the same attendence rate.

Edit 2: There were some complaints that Barcamp Saigon should have been hosted at a Vietnamese university, not at a private university such as RMIT.  They argued that RMIT was not representative of Vietnam or the Vietnamese people.  Unfortunately, we had little choice since the other venues candidates were either not ready or never showed interest in barcamp saigon.

Edit 2: Actual number of participants, excluding organizing committee and volunteers, was around 159.


  1. Just a note to all Saigon BarCampers:

    BarCampSaigon has been picked up by . Gapingvoid is written by Hugh MacLeod, an old buddy of mine, and is rated as one of Technorati’s top 1000 blogs worldwide. Hugh is a gifted writer and cartoonist and has worked as a consultant and artistic motivator for Microsoft and Dell. His “Blue Monster” has become an underground in-house sensation for MS and whatever he does for Dell is sure to be interesting as well. Hugh’s book “How To Be Creative” will be published by Penguin next spring and his overall take on the tech business is both refreshing and revolutionary.

    BarCampSaigon/Gapingvoid: Check into the Gapingvoid and go to the bottom of the post to see the “Bonus Link” on BarCampSaigon.

    You can also see my comments on The Wild Wild East Dailies

  2. @David: thanks for the writeup and informing us of the link. I also found it yesterday on Google Blog Search. It was a nice surprise to read an extensive review of #barcampsaigon from you 🙂

    @Kevin: thanks for mentioning me and putting my pic in your blog 🙂

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