My Vietnamese student using the Asus Eee PC


Back in September, American International School, where I teach ICT part-time, required students from the 9-11 Grades to purchase the Asus Eee PC 1000.  Due to strong resistance from students, parents, and faculty, this requirement was dropped.  Some students still opted to purchase the Eee PC themselves at the school discount.

One of the biggest complaints they had about the Eee PC was the GUI.  You could not do much with it.  It short, it was too boring.  Some were successful in getting the Full KDE Desktop environment to work but others decided to just install Windows XP Lite.

On Friday, I was so surprised to see one of my 8th Grade Students, Candy, using the simplified desktop with her Eee PC.  She was even using StarOffice, the propriety version of OpenOffice, with little difficulty.  Linux is difficult, eh?  Well, I doubt she really could tell the difference between Windows and Linux anyway 🙂

I am considering asking my students in the 8th Grade to purchase the Eee PC, with both Windows and Linux, for the remaining school year.

Vietnamese student using the Asus Eee PC at School


  1. Hi, my name is Matias and Im from argentina. Im actually travelling to Dalat and afterwards I will be going to Ho Chi Minh. Im travlling with an Asus EeePC and unfortunately the screen broke…
    My question for you is the following. Do you know where I can send it to repair it in Saigon or where I can buy one?
    I really need one as Im working with it while travelling, and its really difficult to do it with a big black spot in the mdidle of the screen….
    thanks a lot for your help


    • Hey Matias: There are many places in Saigon that can repair your EeePC. Just go to the computer area, if you stay in the backpacker area they will be able to tell you where. If you do not have time, just buy a new one. They are cheap in Vietnam. Phong Vu or Long Binh computers are great places.

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