Exam Day for my 8th Grade ICT Students

My 8th Grade ICT students at AIS must really love me this week.  I finally gave them their first exam.  It was just a 33 question multiple-choice exam focusing on the key terms from three different chapters.  We are using the Learning with Computers (Orange Level) textbook which is based on the ICT curriculum in the US.  Questions focused on how to use Microsoft Word.  We got a couple more chapters to go before moving on to Powerpoint which is what they are looking forward too.

The good news is that my students did not cheat.  The bad news, many did not study.  No problem, I just want them to get a feeling of what an American ICT exam is like.  All the students who studied in the West did very well.

American International School 8th Grade ICT Studens taking an exam

American International School 8th Grade ICT Studens taking an exam

2 comments on “Exam Day for my 8th Grade ICT Students”

  1. Tuan

    The best thing about multiple answers exam is I can always go for the answer that makes most sense and hope that is the right one. Well, one can always hope …

  2. itdontmata

    wow they are 8th graders? i thought they looked older lol. next time you should give them some short answers question too, maybe like 3 of them. i find that short helps students to learn but and makes then think more and rationalize, rather than choosing an answer and hope they got it right 😀

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