FPT Linux Mirror in Vietnam

Thanks to pclouds for sharing this link with me.  I heard rumors about it but finally there is a FPT-sponsored Linux mirror in Vietnam.  That is great news!!!  Even better, the mirror is FAST!  I am installing Django as we speak.  Django was downloading at 635K/s, an amazing speed for Vietnam.  The fastest I ever downloaded for Gentoo packages was around 490K/s with Viettel over 3 and a half years ago.

It is nice to see a Vietnamese company supporting Linux in Vietnam.  GHP Far East and Vscapeone also sponsor a BSD/Linux Mirror of their own and now maybe Quang Truong’s ISP will consider helping us host more open source repositories as well.

FPT Vietnam Linux Mirror: http://mirror-fpt-telecom.fpt.net

The future looks bright for open source and BSD/Linux in Vietnam 🙂

  • I tried the mirror and it’s pretty incredibly fast…

  • Yeah, amazingly fast but I wonder how long it will last?

  • Kevin, I think the url you provided for the indochinalinux ftp is not working.


    Is FPT a big telcom in Vietnam?

  • @Gen Kanai: The URL works in Vietnam. I think we set it up so that only Vietnamese users can access it due to bandwidth issues.

    FPT is one of the biggest telecoms but unfortunately, service is not their highest priority at the moment.

  • It’s not only for Linux, I found other popular free softwares there too, such as: OpenOffice, Mozilla, Opera, etc.
    This is the first nice gesture that I’ve seen from FPT 🙂

  • magnox

    I can’t find this, can’t connect this mirror.
    I can’t see anything.
    Where is the correct site, BSD mirror…

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