Vietnamese Tech Blogger – Chip 2.0

I want to introduce the Saigon Blog community to Ms. Huyen’s, aka Chip, technology blog, Chip 2.0.

Chip was instrumental to the success of the first HCMC Twitter Gathering on Sunday.  You can read about the Twitter event at her blog at this URI:

Chip will be very instrumental in helping shape the future of technology in Vietnam.

Chip 2.0:

  • Welcome Chip 2.0!

    I’m always happy to see a fellow techy and blogger in vietnam.

    Viva la revolucion!

  • Oops, I thought that I already commented on this blog, but I don’t know why I can’t see it now.
    Thanks a lot for appriciating my blog. But omg, so embrassed that I’ve written nothing on it 🙁 Do you know that you force me to write more often?
    Just kidding, thanks again Kevin. Thanks JJ too 😀

  • @Chip: We expect you to write at least 9 times a week now 🙂

    @JJ: We missed you in the first Twitter Event. Do you have a Facebook account?

  • Kevin, I do, but I never use it. So much for being tech savvy huh?

    The barcamp sounds like fun. I always like going to bars. The first round of drinks on me?

  • BarCamp is not for drinking beer, well not until the end at least 🙂

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