Miss Vietnam 2008 Contestants in Bikinis

Got this straight off from VietnamNet Bridge.  Miss Vietnam 2008 competition is going on.  Normally the Miss Vietnam contests get criticized for choosing, what local Vietnamese call, the ugliest girls.  These pictures of the latest contest have some of the prettiest Vietnamese girls.  Interesting post, eh? 🙂

Miss Vietnam 2008 Contestants in Bikinis

(Image Source: VietnamNet Bridge)

See more of the pictures here -> http://english.vietnamnet.vn/photogal/2008/08/800124/

  • Tuan

    Hey, we always can admire pretty girls ;p.
    At least they are not professional pageant Vietnamese girls in California.

  • I never seen the professional pageant Vietnamese girls. Post some links please 🙂

  • Long

    WOOO, I am seeing red. Raise your hand if your dad is a party member. Anyways, I think #789 is smiling at me.

  • @Long, raising both hands 🙂 #789 is looking AT me!!! 🙂

  • Tuan

    There are a handful of those Viet Nam pageant here in America. One of the most well known (or most notorious depends on how you look at it) is Miss Viet Nam Global at http://www.missvietnamglobal.com. Try youtube, they got a ton of video on it.

    By professional pageant Vietnamese girls, I meant these girls will show up various pageant shows during 1 year and sometimes even the year after that.

  • I heard about Miss Viet Nam Global. I will check the websites out.

    I thought you meant the coffee shop girls in Little Saigon who enhanced their, umm, body parts 🙂

  • Tuan

    Haha, so you have been to those coffee shops. I haven’t been to those coffee shops as I have never been to California but I do heard about it. 🙂

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