Exhaustion due to Season Changing?

I have been extremely exhausted since last week.  Simple tasks really take a lot out of me.  I slept in this morning, worked just 3 hours and came home exhausted.  Ended up taking a long nap.

Most of you will notice the black under my eyes again.  I have been sleeping at least 8 hours each night, it gets to 10 hours if I sleep in.  It could all be allergy related but the Flixonase usually takes cares of it.

I am beginning to think it is weather related.  I know many Vietnamese people are affected by the season changes (Wet to Dry, Dry to Wet).  Maybe we are due for an early dry season (Lucky is still shedding).  I remember last October having the blackest eyes and that preceded the start of the dry season.  I think I had this same problem last April/May before the start of the wet season.

Vietnamese people normally eat a fruit dish, I forgot the name, when the season changes to avoid the exhaustion.  I forgot what it was called.  Time to do some research.

3 comments on “Exhaustion due to Season Changing?”

  1. Dominique Mourey

    Maybe: passion-fruit (Chanh giay) in vietnamese.
    Passion-fruit contains lot of vitamins and minerals.
    Wish you to get your health back.

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