So many funerals this week

  • Tuan

    Haha, I doubt that people decide to die together in that month ;p. Must be a coincident.

  • Lan

    We in Vietnam say that when the weather cools down (rainy season, cool weather around Tet) many old people ‘go’.

  • @Tuan: I hope so 🙂

    @Lan: Makes sense. Strange though, the cool season to me is still hot 🙂

  • MM

    Last week there were 14 Vietnamese funerals, 5-6 funerals at the same time in some parishes!

    Please pray for the victims and their families

    look on left for more stories on this tragedy

  • I heard about the tragedy. So sad that it never made the news here in Vietnam 🙁

  • MM

    I think because of their faith, catholic, the gov. blocks it???

  • Nope, it was just not in the English news site. My friends said they heard about it in the Vietnamese news sites. Vietnam is open to religion, has been since I arrived here in 2004.

  • MM

    hmm not from what I heard but then again I dont live there =p
    I would say its not totally free, I’ve read up north in Hanoi there were protests over confiscated church property currently.

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