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Twitter Success! :-)

Just an update, over 50 of my students signed up for Twitter accounts.  They are addicted.  I was impressed at how popular it became with them.

Unfortunately, due to the bandwidth problems in Vietnam, Twitter is down at times which can be frustrating.  Downtimes occur during the afternoon here.

Here is my Twitter account if you are interested in adding me:


2 comments on “Twitter Success! :-)”

  1. Preyanka

    Hey Kev–when I click on the tiny URL of your post in Twitter, it takes me to a dead page on your blog…just to let you know.

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    That’s weird. I noticed numbers being skipped in my posts. I think there is a bug, I will have to check on it. Maybe the WordPress plugin and Twitter update plugins are conflicting with each other.


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