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  1. Thái

    I’m interested. I think we can held the event at Le Van Tam park, which is large enough and near the city central.

    Wifi access is not be a problem if we can convice one of the big telcos, e.g. FPT, VDC, Vietel or Saigon Postel, etc. to sponsor us.

  2. Thomas Wanhoff

    Hey, sure. I was in talk with some cloggers in Phnom Penh, they already set a date now. But since I left Cambodia, I am really interested in a BarCamp here. I was participating the BarCamp in Frankfurter Germany and had a lot of fun as well as really interesting talks. Lets have a cup of coffee and talk?

  3. Mai

    Hi, I’m from San Francisco, so I know some of the people who launched the original BarCamp, Chris Messina/Eris Stassi. And I have tech conference planning experience, I’d be interested in helping out as much as I can. Please let me know when you start meeting and I can make sure I’m there as well.

    I’ve just moved here two weeks ago, so I don’t have any tech contacts, but am willing to put in work to make this happen.


  4. Huy

    I’ve been thinking about a barcamp in VN going since last year. I believe another VN blogger mentioned getting something started but nothing came of that.
    Count me in

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