Finally, I can get some sleep

Oh, what a nightmare the last three nights have been.  I had problems with my desktop which forced me to reinstall a new Linux operating system not once, but twice since Saturday night.  I am still trying to sort what the problem was.  I think it had to do with having AHCI enabled for SATA in bios when I was running Gentoo.

In short, all the work I did on Gentoo for the past week went down the drain.  Yeah, I was having some reverse dependency issues but I knew they could be resolved but unfortunately it meant unmasking 40 plus applications which I did not want to unmask.  Plus, my hard drive seemed to be running very slow.  It took me nearly 6 hours to back it up to my Thinkpad through sftp.

I ended up going with Arch Linux which looks and feels like a Gentoo and BSD system all in one, really!  Of course, I disabled AHCI in bios and now everything seems to run okay.

The good news is that I finally can sleep on time tonight.  I will need it since I am three days behind on my project.

For awhile there, I forgot I was in Vietnam 🙂  I love this country!!!

2 comments on “Finally, I can get some sleep”

  1. Urko

    And this, kids, is the lesson to learn from running Gentoo. It is really really REALLY fast when it works, but you need to save time during the normal usage to offset for the extreme timesink it becomes every once in a while 😉

    Just kidding. I feel your pain. Welcome back to the sunlight.

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    I was still up at 1 AM last night. Slept most of the morning. I hope to sleep at a decent time tonight though I have projects to catch up on 🙁

    I got Arch running 100 percent as of this morning. I even got my 5.1 Creative Arts soundcard to work for the FIRST time ever. Wow, the sound is amazing.

    Oh, now must go to work 🙁 snore, snore, snore

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