My Evil Kitten, Jenny

  • Huong

    Hi Kevin,

    How are you doing? Any news of Mr. Smokey’s visiting Cong Hoa campus? Please tell him that I’ve been looking forward to seeing him.

  • I will have some free time coming up so I will try to bring him. I still want to find a home for Jenny. I think I should only have male cats 🙂

  • Trinity

    Why do you hate Jenny? What has she done to you, heh? 🙂

  • In short, she is not a good house pet, yet. With other Smokey and a couple other cats I raised, I had them stay in my room for a long period of time so they can get used to me. In short, so they can see that I am the one that feeds them which is important with cats.

    Jenny has been breaking a lot of things in the house last week and tipping things over. She would always run away from me which is not a bad. A cat, when they know they did something wrong, will freeze and not move.

    In short, I have to discipline her hard which is easier said than done. For one week I will have her on the terrace. I will bring her food at night and then put her in the kennel. After a week I will bring her my room for about a week or more. After that, I hope she will calm down a bit.

    Smokey was a great cat compared to her. Ninja, before he fell off the terrace and was taken, was a good cat too.

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