Best Saigon Coffee shops

As with Best Saigon Restaurants, I will try to blog my favorite coffee shops in Saigon. I visit many of them in the city am have, in the past, posted some of them. I normally just forget to take some pictures.

Now, for me, a good coffee shop does not necessarily have to have the best tasting coffee. For me, a good coffee shop has to be quiet so I can talk to my friends. Having wifi, though nice, is also not a major requirement for me.

Today I went to the Press Cafe located on 14 Alexandre de Rhodes in District 1 (near the Reunification Palace). It had been over a year since I visited this coffee shop. I went there with my longtime Vietnamese friend just to gossip, talk, and gossip some more 🙂

The Press Cafe has decent coffee and the service is not bad. It is quiet compared to other coffee shops, you could barely hear the music. Wifi is available but like many other coffee shops, the wifi is unsecure so your odds of logging in are very slim.

I had breakfast (rice and eggs), a cafe sua da, and a Pepsi white my friend had to cafe dens with ice.

The Press Cafe is a good place to go if you want to relax in a quiet environment with friends.

Saigon Press Cafe

(Entrance to the Press Cafe)

Saigon Press Cafe

(Waiter taking our order)

Saigon Press Cafe

(I just finished my Pepsi)

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