Best Saigon Restaurants

I decided to start a category of restaurants I really like in Saigon.  My Vietnamese friends take me to many restaurants in the city that are never published in the travel books or magazines.  Many times I will be the only non-Vietnamese in these restaurants.

Be aware that I have a tendancy to forget the names of the restaurants I visit.  I also forget to take pictures of the cuisines we order.  I will try to break that habit.

The restaurant that I had lunch today classifies as one of my Best Saigon Restaurants.  Sorry, I forgot the name, I meant to get a business card.  It is located in alleyway near Nguyen Thi Minh Khai on Hai Ba Trung in District 1.  My friend ordered a traditional Vietnamese dish that was very delicious.  I think you will like the traditional Vietnamese house setting and I was surprised at how cool it was.  We did not need to turn the fan on.  I really enjoyed the food here and I will definitely return in the near future.

Best Saigon Restaurants

(The restaurant)

Best Saigon Restaurants

(Cooking area nearby)

Best Saigon Restaurants

(Our Vietnamese meal)

Best Saigon Restaurants

(Excellent Shrimp dish)

10 comments on “Best Saigon Restaurants”

  1. Le Huyen.

    I think that its ”Son Ha” restaurant – in Hai Ba Trung Str. The foods are excellent and the service is also good..

  2. Tuan

    I am a foodie so I love these restaurant reviews, keep them coming.
    Man, sometimes i wished i can just go back to Viet Nam and just flat out eat and eat and eat ….

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Right now I just want to remember to take some pictures 🙂 After that I will get to the prices.

    I am trying to eat home more often now. I prefer to cook at the moment though it is mostly cha gio and rice 🙂

  4. Tuan

    Well, the only thing i can make is instant noodles. So my man, you are much better cook than me!

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