My Sarcastic, yet Serious, Response


Sometimes you just got to live your life with a big smile on your face 🙂

And one more thing, you always have big big plans that you intend you do something, some investment, company, buying new motor, house…wow real big words..but look what are you doing??

Well, I teach Computer Science to some really great students. They are actually doing their web site projects all in command line with BSD and Linux. I am amazed at how smart my students are. Vietnamese students are definitely some of the brightest students in the world

Yeah, I spent over a year trying to form an IT company. It is not easy in Vietnam. Do I have a partner or form it as a 100% FDI. It is a difficult to make but that is business. I definitely have niche in Vietnam with open source technology.

Foreigners cannot own houses in Vietnam so I never think about getting one. In the US, yes. I have until 2009 to make use of my veteran’s housing loan.

Vietnam has a lot of opportunities.

a poor teaching guy … a kind of people who could not be success in the own country,

Lets see, six years in the Marine Corps, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, two bachelor degrees and one masters. I also plan to pursue a PhD in the future. Hmm, I guess I did not succeed in America 🙂

still ask parents for help with your finance,

Wow, I wish my parents would give me money to help with my finances. Then I could stay home all day and play video games all day. . .

and hope to inherit things from family like a tradition Japanese..

Well, I have 50 percent Japanese blood from my mother so I kind of already inherited it.

Look again yourself, what you think girls would like??
Handsome..kidding? you look like a penguin.

Yep everyone, you now know my true identity:

Kevin Miller is a Penguin

How about smart??..kidding? (just pretend maybe, and always try to show off).

I am not smart, I am just learned 🙂

WOW just wasting time telling your stories..people will find out themself time to time i believe.

Yeah, I think I should just blog more…


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