Do you believe in Ghosts?


When I moved into this house back in January, 2006, there was a room on one of the top floors that some called the “evil” room.  Every time someone passed by this room, they always felt uncomfortable with this room.  A housemate dubbed this room the “spiritual” room since he said it did not feel evil.  It is actually a relatively nice room, the only one in the house with a bathtub.

My cat always seems to like to run in and out of this room.  My dog sleeps just up the steps from that room.

A friend says it may be a ghost inside of that room.  I keep the door closed now but at times, I find it open.  Other times, it is difficult to keep shut.

This morning I woke up sweating.  My room had been a nice and cool 26 C when I went to bed at about 1230 AM.  I woke up hot wondering if my air conditioner was working.  I got off my bed and saw my door wide open.

What is strange about this was that I had locked my door earlier in the evening before watching some dvds.  Before midnight, I went to turn off the lights.  The switch was next to the door.  The door was closed.

When I shut the door I noticed that the door knob was still locked.  I tried to open it with it locked, it would not budge.

Is there is ghost in my house…still?



  1. My hair stands. . . . .

    There’s once I had the feeling of being watched in my previous house. It happens after my housemate move out. Only in my room, I felt safe. After a week, I finally get the courage to go into that room & check. I open all the windows, closet doors etc. I close it after a few hours, after that, the feeling of being watch is gone. My friend’s mum says that a spirit might have come back with my housemate & by opening the window to ‘air’ it, it’s actually an act of getting them out. 🙂

  2. Who knows, but the strangest thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I went to bed in my bedroom and woke up the next morning in the empty guest bedroom. I have no memory of going in there…and I never sleep in there. It was freaky to know I had been sleepwalking.

  3. @Christian: Okay, I will try to get a shot for you but I am not sure it is worth seeing 🙂

    @Clifton: I am not a sleepwalker. I actually am not scared of ghosts anymore. Buddhists are not supposed to be anyway. I slept like a baby the next night.

    @Mike: In Asia, it is better to throw logic out of the door and focus on reality instead 🙂 People believe in ghosts here.

    @Chris: Oh yeah, the feeling you get when the hair in the back of your neck stands out. They say when this happens, there is a ghost nearby. I do not feel this often in my house anymore but I remember when an old roommate of mine and I felt a ghost at the same time.

    @Preya: Maybe you teleported in your sleep like in Heroes, one of my favorite shows. If you can teleport, bring me a cherry coke 🙂

  4. well dude wat evr ur feelingz r do u hv any enmies or do u believe in ghostz i mean dat ghostz r evrwhr n im muslim in da quran itz writtten too dat ghostz r present n dnt be afraid all u hv 2 do is pray n remember GOD only …………juzt add me n i will tell u wat 2 do diz is my email

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