I am 36 Today

Location: Mountain View, California, USA
Date: April 16, 1972
Time: 6:28 AM

A beautiful baby born to a Japanese mother and an American father entered the world.

Normally this would be a happy day for me but back in the US, my mother is in the hospital since the chemo made her sick.

A Vietnamese friend told me to take all the happiness and wishes from today and give them to her. I will do just that.  May Quan Am continue to watch over her and my father.

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  1. layered

    Best wishes to you on your birthday today for beaming to your mother. I will pray that she does well through this treatment. Be happy today as you always are.
    — Mel

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    My mother is fine but we are waiting for her to eat again. I guess chemo really destroys your appetite. Hopefully you will all get to meet my mother in over a year when she completes her second bone marrow transplant.

  3. Mike

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear that your Mother is ill. Washington has excellent health care facilities so I know that she is in good hands. I’ll pray for her and in the meantime keep your chin up. I really enjoy what your are doing here and my wife really enjoys the pictures. Hopefully we will meet one day.

  4. Clifton Buck-Kauffman

    Happy Happy Birthday Kevin and my best wishes to your mother during this difficult time for your/her family and friends.

    I have been at FVH since Monday night due to a problem with my prostrate gland swelling… so I am very sympathetic, and my most positive thoughts are with you and her.

    Be strong for her!

  5. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. My mother is actually staying at the Fred Hutchinson’s Cancer Research Center in Seattle, one of the top facilities in the world. She is in good hands.

  6. Huong

    Hi Kevin,

    Well, It is a bit late but I’m saying it out loud : HAPPY BIRTH DAY!
    May all the best come to you 🙂

    Don’t forget that I am looking forward to seeing your little giant Smokey.

  7. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Yeah, I will bring Smokey and Jenny by. Lucky, my dog is running around my house at night. She thinks she is clever and I do not know but she leaves her ‘nature callings’ downstairs for me to clean up 🙂

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