ADSL Bandwidth , Slow?

It is 11:30 PM at night when normally the internet speeds are the best. For the last couple of days now, the bandwidth has been quite poor. I just did a Speed Test with Speakeasy and received the following results from the San Fransisco server:

  • 338 kbps Downloads
  • 57 kbps Uploads

That is a big difference from 6 days ago. Even during the weekend I got better bandwidth.

Another network upgrade FPT? Nope, it turns out that my Wireless Access Point was sucking most of the bandwidth. Below are the Speed Test results when I unplugged my WAP:

  • 1706 kbps Downloads
  • 205 kbps Uploads

I thought I had a pretty good password on my Wireless Access Point but with the readily available cracking programs here in Saigon, I am not surprised that someone broke it.
I will ask my roommate to get his own ADSL line into the house.

Edit: It turns out that my housemate was downloading four movies with Bittorrent.

  • D

    Can’t you check if someone else is on your wireless network? You may just be losing speed because of the wireless signal, and not because of some poaching.

    Even with wireless-N routers, I just plug directly into the wall. One would think that, given the slower speed in Vietnam, the G and up routers are not bottlenecks, but they can be. At least they are in my working environment.

  • If other people are using your open wireless you MUST have some fun with them!

    Set up a hidden proxy and turn all of the images in their webpages upside down:

    Or redirect all of their web requests to or some political site supporting your views. Don’t let this opportunity for great fun pass by! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • D: I was thinking the same thing this morning. My roommate is getting poor bandwidth upstairs from my WAP. I will try to run a line up to my roommate’s room but I really need all the bandwidth since I plan to run a server soon.

    @Tracy: Yeah, cool. Does Trang know you visit these sites ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JJ


    oh sorry about that. I was downloading the newest Bang Bros..

  • ๐Ÿ™‚

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