Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong)

  • itdoesntmatter

    wow awesome pics man…seemed really crowded at some parts lol..beautiful scenery

  • Trinity

    Did you climb down the Huong Tich cave (it is in Huong pagoda area)? if you have chance, go to Copper pagoda (in Nam Dinh province if I did not make a mistake). Tracy and me have been all around the North, it was so much fun and experience for that trip.

  • Trinity

    You did climb down the Huong Tich cave(I saw the picture), it is not Perfume pagoda 😉 the whole area you visited is call Huong pagoda, it has a lot of pagodas on the mountain and on the river banks. You should travel with some local friends to know more about it.

  • Thanks Trang. I knew I was getting the names mixed up. I could not find the names of the other three pagodas inside the Perfume Pagoda since I was so tired last night. Better make some changes 🙂

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