Just Arrived in Hanoi

Well, I have been in my hotel room for nearly 1 hour now.  It was a rush from AIS to the airport today.  I actually got everything done so fast, including packing my bags in my house, that I could have taken the earlier flight if I had arrived 5 minutes earlier.  Oh well, I spent the next couple hours reviewing Django.

The flight was great.  Vietnam Airlines is one of my favorite airlines (Delta Airlines, EVA Air, Turkish Airways and Japan Airlines being the others).  I never had any complaints and I am always surprised when they give passengers a nice hot meal on a short two hour flight.  That is what I call service.  All the lady flight attendants were pretty too 🙂

I am staying at the Trung Nam Hotel.  It is a old military hotel, not bad.  It is a bit humid in my room even with the aircon on but I think I will get a good night rest.  I have too, I have a wake up call at 4 AM.  I will meet a friend and her colleagues to visit a pagoda outside of Hanoi.

Pictures coming tomorrow night…

  • Mike

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to the pictures.

  • I will have the Perfume Pagoda pictures up this week. I am tired now after the weekend trip but it will be a memorable one, I mean for my life 🙂

  • Katy Tran

    been a long time since i last visited the capital, u’re on business trip?

  • Have fun Kev:)

  • @Katy: Meeting friends.

    @Preya: I just got back, too late. Saigon Rules, Hanoi Snooze!!! 🙂

  • itdoesntmatter

    “All the lady flight attendants were pretty too” lmao

  • You are right, Ha Noi has an horrible weather. but food is better. Hope you enjoyed your trip

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