Water Woes Part III


I had to call my landlord to tell the water repairman to return to the house today.  The same worker and another guy came at around 6 PM this evening.  He spent one hour fixing the pipe to the ground water pump.  They both went upstairs, checked a couple of things, and then came down to finish their job.

The ground water pump now works.  They left.

Just one problem, they were supposed to repair the city water pump as well.  Looks like there will be another “Water Woes” posting next week 🙂

Repairing my Ground Water Pump in Saigon, Vietnam

(The orange pump is our ground water pump.  The blue is our city water pump which leaks about 1000 litters a day.)

Off to Hanoi tomorrow night.


  1. Have a good weekend. I have never been to Hanoi. What’s it like? You must be flying there if it’s a weekend trip? How much does it cost?

    Mike: The pumps fill a water tank on the roof. That is what supplies the pressure. ALso, by sitting in a rooftop tank, the water warms up a little more than groundwater. That makes living without a water heater a little easier.

  2. @Mike: Ditto on what Craig said. More water pressure and hotter water. Some houses do not have water heaters.

    @Katy: Nope, staying in Vietnam for at least two more years.

    @Craig: My round trip ticket is under $200 with Vietnam Airlines. I just arrived at my hotel. I got a pricey hotel when you compare it with the others but I think I get more amenities as well. Just two night but it will be worth the breather from Saigon.

  3. Cool man.

    $200/3milVMD! Wow, that is nice and reasonable. Have a good trip! And thanks for sharing it with us! I can’t wait to see the photos.

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