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  • Yon

    Pac-10 has been always been weak! You know the SEC is the best conference in College sports year in and year out! Sorry Kevin. Go LSU Tigers!!!!!!

  • Is that so, then why is the PAC-10 called the ‘Conference of Champions”?

    Pac-10 members have claimed an incredible 146 NCAA team titles over the past 17 seasons, for an average of more than eight championships per academic year.

    The SEC averages 7 national championships since 1990 and has claimed 160 NCAA team titles since 1993.

    So which conference is weak again? 🙂

  • Katy Tran

    how u been? such a long time. Its Katy dude! from sgt

  • Hey Katy, just trying to get a lot of sleep these days. How are classes?

  • Yon

    Kevin, you can explain away anything with stats! Do you happen to know anyone who has Fiber To The Home FTTH. I am considering getting it, but I don’t know if it will be any faster than the normal internet in Sai Gon. Thanks, Yon.

  • Katy

    ya, classes r fine (hopefully) lolz r u teaching any college or uni?

  • @Yon: In this case, stats are quite important. The PAC-10 gets attacked alot for being a weak lead despite the fact that they have won the most NCAA titles 🙂

    I would not waste your money, the bandwidth will still be the same since VDC controls it all. I would just get two ADSL lines and use a load balancer. I am still considering doing that.

    @Katy: I teach IT at American International School now.

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