Vietnam bans Pet Hamsters


Vietnam bans pet hamsters

(Source: BBC News)

This is a really funny story the BBC just posted online.  These hamsters have been quite popular here in Saigon since December.  My students have them as pets.  I have seen three in my classes including one that I played with in my computer science class today.  A couple weeks ago one was running around the cash register at the DVD shop I normally visit.  They are so cute 🙂

I do not see the police fining the children, who are the majority owners of these hamsters, $1900.  The hamsters are already here.  A better option is just to ask hamster pet owners to get their pets vaccinated.  Vaccinations for pets are quite cheap here in Vietnam.

The only other option are for the children to release the hamsters in the streets.  Then you got another real problem.

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