Saturday Night at An Nam Cafe

Last Saturday I met a friend of mine at An Nam Cafe. It is actually not one of my favorite places to go for coffee on a Saturday night. The coffee is just so so and the live music is really not that great. It was just an easy place for my friend and I to meet (on the corner of Truong Dinh and Vo Thi Sau).

During the day, An Nam is not that bad of a place to go but since the renovation, the atmosphere has changed a bit. I remembered An Nam as a cafe where you can talk but last Saturday, my friend and I ended up yelling, at times it seemed, to each other.

Saigon Annam Cafe

(Outside seating at An Nam Cafe)

Saigon Annam Cafe

(A Live band was playing inside)

  • CRAZY!!!!!! I was at An Nam on Saturday too. I was there at 9:30 pm. I think you sat just right behind me. CRAZY!

  • I was there over a week ago. There were two other Vietnamese girls in front of me. None were you 🙂

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