Maxim in Saigon

Friday night and Saturday was hell for me in regards to my new customized desktop. I spent most of Friday night trying to figure out why my desktop would not reboot. I was busy most of Saturday so when I finally got home, I spent another 3 hours trying to get my desktop to run with a new motherboard. No success.

Finally, I got a phone call from my friend to join him and his colleagues from the Vietnam Investsments Group (ViGroup) that night. It was fun. We made it to Maxim’s which is one of the very few venues in town that has a real Western-style dance floor. There were several live singers last night and Maxim’s was not packed like some of the other clubs.

Saigon Maxim Club, Vietnam

(Nice dance floor at Maxim’s)

I am thinking about getting a big group together for Maxim’s next Saturday night. Contact me if you are interested.

Maxim’s Restaurant:
(Near Majestic Hotel at the end of Dong Khoi street near the Saigon River)
13-17 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, Saigon, Vietnam
Phone: 08/829-6676

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  1. Clifton

    I/we will drop by and say hello Saturday evening… As to the music played there, it doesn’t matter to me! Truly…

    I have never been inside Maxims in Saigon (I dined at the famous Maxims restaurant in Paris a couple of times in the mid 1980s, back when the US dollar reigned supreme. Very good memories.) I guess I assumed that the Maxims here was only a nice restaurant. Interesting that the same company owns Pho 24, the ubiquitous chain of “no surprises”, air-conditioned Pho stores. We like both Pho 2000 & Pho 24.

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