Protected: Saigon Expat Blogger calls Vietnamese Girls -> Whores

  • I am more concerned about the reactions of your Vietnamese students.

  • Melissa

    I have been to her site and I’m quite disgusted with her condescending attitude towards being in VN and the Vietnamese. I’m glad that she is leaving VN…good riddance!

  • How unfortunate that the actions of the few bad apples who visit Vietnam make us all look bad. I wish I could make them print a news article for every tourist or ex-pat who visits, has a good time, contributes positively to society, and never has a serious problem there.

  • @layered: They were a bit surprised. We were talking about hidden culture differences and the subject came up on how English teachers viewed the Vietnamese. Her blog then came up.


    @Tracy: I agree. I also think most expats who decide to live in Vietnam should consider moving away from the backpacker/expat areas to see the real Vietnam as well.

  • @Preya: That’s Jimmy for you 🙂

  • Huy

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that she calls all Vietnamese girls whores. Only a certain group of Vietnamese girls, which we’re all very aware are a significant part of the Saigon landscape around expats.

  • Huy

    plus, “having slept with three different boyfriends since last summer” does not make one a whore.

    I am aware many people would disagree with me on that one. But I’m no conservative. Let women have sex as much as they want.

  • mike

    fyi when Jimmy referred to “ho”/h?s on his blog, he is talking about lakes

  • Mike—yes, I know, that’s why I commented about it, as a joke.

  • @mike and Preya: 🙂

    @Preya: I am getting the “You are White, not Asian” comments more often now in Saigon yet my Vietnamese student always like to remind me that I am part Asian 🙂 I love your blog posting 🙂

  • Colin

    What’s wrong with whore’s? It’s just like any other career choice. Some people think that the industry is a far worse than that.

  • Colin

    Oops Typo

    What’s wrong with whore’s? It’s just like any other career choice. Some people think that the industry I am in is a far sadder than that.

  • Ken

    Funny that you’ve mentioned it here Kevin. I’ve read her blog prior to this entry and it’s apparent to me that this woman is lost. She has got not a clue where she belongs and who she is. She is just trying to make her pathetic self feel better by putting someone else down. She blames her misery on Vietnam but I bet she’ll be just as miserable being in NY (where she’s leaving VN to) after awhile. I am Vietnamese-American and sadly, this doesn’t quite surprise me at all. It’s not the fact that she’s American that she’s condesending, it’s just that she has low self esteem, so she jumps at every chance to validate herself by being condesending to others.

  • At the risk of generalizing,I have to say that it is easier for male expats to enjoy Vietnam than female ones. I myself am a Viet Kieu and when I mingle with expats, I can always feel the jalousy of the female expats towards the Vietnamese girls, because they attract the interest of the male expats.

  • @Colin: She was not addressing ‘prosititutes’ per se. She was addressing and labeling Vietnamese girls that date or marry Expat Men as whores. That is the issue…

    @Ken: I felt that when I started reading her blog in the past. I spoke more with my students who do not have so nice words to call her. It is time for her to leave.

    @Buddhist with an attitude: Sadly, why do many expats come to Vietnam, let alone Asia? Marco Polo myth 🙁

  • Monk

    But is she wrong? If Vietnamese girls who marry old, balding, western guys are not whore… then what else are they?

  • Buddhist with an attitude

    Monk, has it ever occured to you that old, balding western guys are not synonyms for monsters, and that they could be preferable to young ignorant sexist oriental bastards with a full head of hair? Not to mention that a large proportion of women all over the world often have no choice but to marry to survive in their society. If only pretty young things of both sexes can get married, then the human species will not last long.

  • JJ

    haha.. her posts are usually spot on stereotypes and they’re actually pretty funny.

  • Andalousia

    JJ is the only one who appreciates what this girl says. Onya! Colin suffers from apostraphism and Ken….what bollocks. The Buddhist needs to go back to feelings school……I have never met a western girl jealous of an Asian girl apart from a fleeting sigh over their luscious long dark hair.

  • Will

    I agree with most of the statements here regarding the girls in VN; however, I’m not saying that she’s wrong.

    It is her own journal, and she has every rights to express her opinions. Perhaps those girls are whores or perhaps not (nothing is perfect in this perfect world); no one really knows until they have personally seen and experienced what had happened. Honestly, none of us can judge her unless we’ve once been in her shoes. Each of us experience different things and situations in our daily lives and have different backgrounds.

    If you’re judging her now, how are you differ? Let’s not judge until you (all) have experience it yourselves.

  • And Andalouisa needs to get a reality check: who made you queen?
    “I have never met a western girl jealous of an Asian girl”: yeah, right.

  • Ken

    Andalousia, have you really read her entries? From your arrogant statement “I have never met a western girl jealous of an Asian girl,” I can already put her in the same category lilmissmeg, an arrogant westerner with a condesending attitude towards asian women. Your statement suggest that Asian girls are inferrior to a western girl. I can see why you are defending her. Yes, I do believe in freedom of speech, but I wouldn’t call a black person a “nigga,” when black people call each other that, it’s just not acceptable for anyone else to call a black person that; and to be honest, I feel that black people shouldn’t even use that “N” word with each other. Back to [her] blog, the issue is not really whether she loves Vietnam or notn nobody really cares; or does she like Vietnamese women. The fact of the matter is, she lives in Vietnam, and has for quite some time. She should know what’s socially acceptable and what the culture is sensitive to over there. No sane person ever drives over the speed limit with the intention of hurting anybody, but they still have to deal with the consequences if, god for bid, he/she run someone over or get caught doing it. Like the saying goes, “if you don’t want to get caught. Don’t do it.”

  • This American English teacher has a “chip on her shoulder” regarding Vietnamese women with foreign men. She should really be feeling sorry for herself and can’t expect any sympathy considering her attitude and derogatory statements.

    • @tropixblue I hear this quite a bit here. What I heard was that her “colleagues”, several who were Vietnamese and Viet Kieu, had it with her comments and when this blog came up, they were able to use it to convince the university in questions to ask her to leave.

      Even if you have a “chip on your shoulder,” this does not allow you to make racist statements against another ethnic group. In the US, she would have had a lawsuit. Racists like her do not deserve any sympathy.

      • @kevmille Yes, I think it is incumbent on those who live in a foreign country to try to understand the social and cultural mores of its people and have some empathy. There is a need to change our paradigms if we are to escape harboring a cynical, patronizing or derogatory attitude. This does not mean we have to compromise our values but rather to exercise restraint in being critical, judgmental or getting personal. It’s especially relevant in this teacher’s case because Vietnamese traditions hold the role of teachers in high regard.

        • @tropixblue Agreed. That is a problem that many Westerners go through when they come to a developing country.

  • vietchau

    I don’t have any problem with the teacher’s remarks nor the gold-digging girls. Better than men, our women seem to catch up with their western peer pretty fast, that is being pretty and leeching off the men 😛 . I think the best way to fight racism is ‘ Don’t talk about it’ . I only see in this story a bitter woman whining about younger prettier girls taking away her boys. Just take the ‘Vietnam’ out of the sentences and take thing less serious. Btw, pretty and dumb girls of any race should always go for young & fit boys like me to make … even better looking children. Peace .

    • @vietchau I agree with all your points except the last sentence. 🙂