Adding Vietnamese Font to iPhone


    I used to unlock another iPhone here in Vietnam thanks with the help of the IT guy at ViGroup last night (Here is a nice guide to jailbreak the iPhone with firmware 1.1.1 which is supposed to work with firmware 1.1.2 as well -> JailBreak iPhone the easy way).

    My friend would not let me unlock his iPhone until we found a way to put the Vietnamese fonts on his iPhone so he can view Vietnamese language websites. No problem, his IT guy found a webpage that explained how to install Vietnamese fonts on the iPhone.

    1. In Installer, select the ‘Sources’ icon, press ‘Edit’, and then press ‘Add’
    2. After the ‘Add Source’ window pops up, add this source: and press ‘OK’
    3. It should now be refreshing the sources
    4. Select the ‘Install’ icon and then scroll to the bottom until you see ‘Vietnamese’
    5. Select either VietFonts FW.1.0.2 or VietFontsFW.1.1.1 depending on which firmware you have and hit ‘Install’
    6. Presto, you should be able to view Vietnamese language websites now

    VietFonts FW.1.1.2 does not seem available yet but it should be in a couple of weeks. Be sure to install the English-Vietnamese dictionary as well.

    As I always told my students, there is no need to pay $30-100 to get your iPhone unlocked in Vietnam if you can do it for free online in under 5 minutes. Many argued that the mobile phone shops would add Vietnamese font support for an extra fee that they would not be able to do on their own. Nope, they can do it on their own 🙂


    1. If you get an iPhone with 45 listed in the serial number, they will have to open up the phone here. It will not be cheap to unlock it. Hopefully a new anySim unlock will come out.

      I got my iPhone up to firmware 1.1.2 now with the help of my high school student 🙂

    2. Chao Kevin,

      I dowloaded both the Vietnamese fonts and the English-Vietnamese dictionary. The fonts work in Safari but the dictionary does not show up as an application. What am I doing wrong ? (I have firmware 1.1.1).

      Best regards and thanks.


    3. In the meantime I realized that the dictionaries are not stand-alone applications but are used in conjunction with the appliaction idict. Thank you anyway.


    4. @hawy: I sold my iPhone but I remembered having the same problems. You have to use them with the dictionary app from Installer. Once it is installed, you open the dictionary. You will not see the apps. I had to double tab to get the set up menu to enable the Vietnamese dictionary.

      @Palm: Try this address:

      TNHH Tan A Long
      76 Bui Vien (Pham Ngu Lao Area), District 1, HCMC
      Telephone: 08-8373811, 08-9207551

      They speak English there as well.

    5. can you give more detail how to do this not clear. When you are in the dictionary application, double tap the it. A list of modules should pop up.

    6. can the vietnamese dictionary run on wedict application? After installing viet font and viet dictionary, but I could not see the viet dictionary. Can any one know why is it?

    7. After i installed the viet dictionary i can’t not find it anywhere to enable it
      can someone give me some instruction please.


    8. For firmware 1.1.4 or 1.1.3, you need to move the files to mobile/library/weDict folder.
      Because most of the folders are no longer work in root directory of the library.
      For further instructions, you could contact me at [emailed removed].

    9. or .net.
      add it to installer. Had to move my dictionary files to the right folder since i am on 114. I had installed fontVN FW for 114 from billydragon/sweet hear software, but some characters do not show up correctly. I would like to install VietFonts from baidu but 114 is not supported.

    10. My old iphone have been update to V 2.0, But now when I turn it on all I got is the image of the CD and the usb cable appear on the screen, not even emergency dial number pad. I connect it to Itune to get the restore , But I get the message “could not find the iphone”.
      Can any one can help?

    11. Julie
      Where do you live? You will have to put your fone in DFU mode yo do that turn fone off hold down Home+wake sleep button After exactly 10 seconds release the Sleep/Wake button. Continue holding the home button until you iTunes pops up a message telling you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.
      Hope will help you

    12. @Jullie: Did you update to version 2.0 or version 2.0.2? The latest is known to brick the old iPhones. 2.0 is fine. Use iTunes. If you are in Saigon, you can get it updated and fixed here. My students can do it too but it is summer holidays for a couple more weeks.

    13. Hi all
      Thanks for responding.
      I’m in Dalat, I ‘m not sure wich verson my Iphone is. I try dail *#301# but it does’t works.
      Anyway if it is bricked by accident update, anyway we can do about it.
      Thanks all.

    14. Hi ALL
      I jailbrake my iphone already and find out is update to v2.02 by accident. Any way that I can unlock it now?
      If anyone know please tell me, Thanks

    15. if you using MAC you can download PwnageTool to work with 2.0.2 firmware
      if using Win seach for QuickPwn GUI to fix (google is your friend )seach Iclarified for tutorial

    16. Julie
      R U need dic data?you can get we Dict free from Apple app store or you have to
      use crack files to get we Dict pro then use Fugu or Win SCP to tranfer data to we Dict folder this should work fine

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