Street Flooding Woes in Saigon


This has been one of the wettest rainy seasons during my three and a half years in Vietnam. It does not want to end.

Mel predicted the end of the rainy season 19 days ago due to the shifting winds. Unfortunately, the rain just does not want to let up (charvey seems to like the cool weather it brings though).

Normally, the end of the rainy season you just see drizzle after drizzle but this year, we get deluge after deluge. Street flooding near my house seems to be the norm now. Even the canal seems unable to handle the large volume of rain water. For once, I can see it near the top of it’s banks during high tide.

Due to the street flooding and over-saturated wet ground, most of us have noticed in increase of cockroaches in our homes. Yesterday I killed about 10 while preparing dinner which ended up going to my dog, Lucky, after three cockroaches fell into my pasta.

Last week, when leaving the American International School after one of the deluges, I had to go through some standing water to get unto Nguyen Van Cu in District 5. Not once in my life did I ever have to worry about the water getting to my feet on my Yamaha Nouvo. It sits high enough to keep my feet dry. When I pulled out, I had no choice but to raise my feet. This was the deepest I ever rode my motorbike ‘underwater’.

Street Flooding in Saigon

(Right after passing the man, the water would go up to their knees)


  1. It has been a crazy 1st summer for me here in Vietnam. I guess its a nice welcome from mother nature.

    I remember last week when I was driving to work and I got stuck in the craziest storm ever.

    I was literally drowning from the rain.

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