Sabayon Linux Rocks!!!

I just successfully installed Sabayon Linux on my IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60.  Wow, I am quite impressed.  This is the first Linux install ever where all the devices were detected.  I use the ‘text install’ method which was easier to use than the graphical installation with Anaconda.  Once the install was complete, I booted straight into KDE.

The only problem I had was the resolution which I easily changed in  I restared and have had fun since 🙂  A thorough review will come at the end of the week.

Sabayon Linux - Vietnam

  • phuc

    hi there, i just arrived in saigon and i would like to buy an iphone over there.
    Did you bought yours in saigon (price?).thank you so much for any reply.

  • I did not buy my iPhone in Vietnam. A friend brought me one.

    If you want one in Saigon, it will cost around $700-1200 including the unlock. Try visiting which is located in the Backpacker Area. Some stores sell them as well but beware of the unlocks. Many are not working.

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