Vietnamese Skype Users Slammed by Virus

Yesterday I got slammed by several pop-ups from my Skype contacts here in Vietnam asking me to view images they sent me. Of course, since I use Linux, I decided to see what these files were 🙂 Just as I thought, viruses… I Skyped each person who sent me these files here in Vietnam.

The below article should tell Vietnam Skype users how to remove the virus from their computers.

Read Article here -> Skype Users Slammed by New Virus

  • hmmm…..I experienced no problems with Skype on my Mac yesterday. I am curious why you filed this posting under “Pham Ngu Lao”, though.

  • B/c I filed it at 3:37 AM in the morning with extreme jet lag 🙂

  • lien

    I’m wondering if you have a picture of a church, or the picture of the street ? and it’s called “nha tho ba chuong” or the 3 bells church on Dang van ngu street ? thanks in advance.

  • Nope but I know where it is. I will try to get a picture if I remember. Please email me to remind me…

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