US Bound -> Friday

Seattle, Washington, USA

(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Well, this Friday I am finally heading back to Seattle after spending nearly two years in Vietnam without leaving the country. I am returning for personal reasons but it should be a good trip. Nice to see family and friends again.

I am actually from a small town called Centralia, located about 100 miles (160 km) south of Seattle but my parent’s moved further south to a smaller town called Winlock.

Winlock, Washington

(Red Dot is Winlock)

My parents live out in the country and there is a forest nearby as you can see in the satellite image below:

Kevin Miller's Parent's House

(Arrow points to My Parent’s House – Interstate 5 is on the Right)

I leave on August 24th returning back to Saigon on September 9th.

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  1. lien

    Welcome back to US, Kevin! Enjoy all the things that US has to offer that Vietnam doesn’t have, such as clean air, AC, good foods, clean water, etcs..Isn’t 2 weeks kinda short?

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