Horrible Morning Saigon Traffic Jam

Wow, it is really amazing at how bad the traffic in Saigon has become just in a couple of months.  I was going from my house, in the Phu Nhuan District, to the Omni Hotel.  Normally the trip on my motorbike would take a little more than 5 minutes.  Today, it took me nearly 20 minutes. I hit a traffic jam on Pham Van Hai street which tends to be a free flowing street.  Since I could not move anywhere, I started to honk my horn and turned right going against the flow of traffic.  I then hit a second traffic jam near the Novotel Hotel.  Eventually I made it to the Omni Hotel…

Horrible Saigon Traffic Jam

(In front of me)

Horrible Saigon Traffic Jam

(Left of Me)

Horrible Saigon Traffic Jam

(Second traffic jam)

  • So, how’s the Sai Gon Subway coming along? 🙂

  • lien

    I can see there are few cars on the road too. I guess they are consider as rich folks? Do you know there is a street 11 Tu Do, Gia Dinh in Phu Nhuan by any chance if not, is it no big deal. thank you.

  • @Tracy: No submarine sandwich restaurants here yet 🙂 Oh, the other subway…

    @lien: The only Tu Do that I know about is located in the Tan Phu District.

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