Acoustics Bar in Saigon and more


If you had not visited there yet, you should head to the new Acoustics Bar in District 3. Acoustics was formed by the former Sunday night band from Yoko Bar. Though it was over crowded, I was impressed by the sound system and band. Drinks were not that bad, though, due to my cold medicine, I could not drink anything with Vinh or Giang.

Saigon Acoustics Bar

(Saigon Acoustics Bar)

Saigon Acoustics Bar

(Acoustics was packed)

It got a little boring towards the middle of the performance so we ended leaving and headed for Volcano. Unfortunately, Volcano was packed so we headed to Lush Bar, which was also packed. After that, we had some coffee at Windows before it closed. The night ended at another coffee shop at about midnight.

Saigon Acoustics Bar

(Heading towards Volcano Club)

For your information, Acoustics Bar is located at: 6E1 Ngo Thoi Nhien street in District 3.