Vietnam Professional Linux User Group



The Vietnam Professional Linux User Group (ViPLUG) is an organization made up of professionals interested in implementing and deploying Linux and open source software in the business, governmental and/or educational environment in Vietnam.

ViPLUG’s goal is to promote Open Source Technology as an alternative to propriety operating systems and software.

The Vietnam Professional Linux User Group was formed on July 10, 2007, by Kevin Miller, Jr., from the Saigon Linux Group, and Vo Ha Quang Dinh from the Saigon Institute of Information Communications Technology with support from GHP Far East Company, Ltd.

The first meeting will be scheduled for August, 18, 2007 (Invitation Only).

Topics for the first meeting:

  • Introduction and Mission of ViPLUG (Kevin Miller – Saigon Linux Group)
  • Bottom-up Approach to Promoting Open Source Technology in Vietnam (Frank Schellenberg – GHP Far East)
  • Translating Open Source Manuals into Vietnam (Vo Ha Quang Dinh – Saigon ICT and Kevin Miller – SLG)
    • Proposal for IDG to publish Linuxworld in Vietnam
  • Grant Proposals to set up Linux Labs and Mirrors in Vietnam (Kevin Miller – SLG)
  • Virtualization with XenSource (Anthony Fernandes – GHP Far East)
  • Using OpenPGP and Encryption (Anthony Fernandes – GHP Far East)
    • Exchange PGP Keys
  • Developing Curriculum on Open Source (Vo Ha Quang Dinh – Saigon ICT)
  • Experience with Open Source Technology in France – A User’s Perspective (Lai Nguyen – Consultant)
  • Ideas to promote Linux in Vietnam (Vinh Nguyen – FPT)
  • Revised Logo (Lai Nguyen – Consultant)

Presentations for topics will be made available immediately after the meeting.

The following CDs and DVDs will be made available for all participants:

  • Fedora Core 7
  • FreeBSD
  • GParted LiveCD
  • NetBSD (AMD64 version)
  • OpenSolaris (BeleniX LiveCD)
  • openSUSE 10.2
  • openSUSE 10.3 Beta LiveCD
  • Sabayon (mini-edition)
  • K/Ubuntu
  • Zenwalk

Be sure to bring some blank CDs and DVDs if you want any extra copies as the supply of blank CDs and DVDs may be limited.

Please contact the Saigon Linux Group for more information.


  1. Hello,
    i need help or little advice, how to configure vietnamese as the second language (especially open office) in e.g. german opensuse 10.2 distribution. Thanks for help from other side ofe the world.

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