Awesome News – Last Remaining House to be Demolished


Yes!!! The best news ever!!! Finally, good news from my alleyway here in the quiet Phu Nhuan District. Mr. Ut finally got the amount he wanted from the People’s Committee. He can now demolish and rebuild a nice house. As of this morning, Mr. Ut’s house is coming down.

Now, to make this situation less stressful than it needs to be, I decided to allow Mr. Ut and his family operate their businesses outside my front door. If you need any bottled water jugs, just call Kevin’s Water and you will get it delivered to your floor. Want some coffee? Cafe Kevin will operate during the daylight hours, 7 days a week, for your delight.


Mr. Ut's House Finally Being Renovated - Phu Nhuan District


Wow, I can see the newly paved alleyway now 🙂


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