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Advantages of BPOs to Vietnam

Vietnam is becoming the new mecca for outsourcing in Asia. Vietnam has a comparative advantage in young skilled labor where greater than fifty-percent of the 85 million population is younger than 25 years old. In this new era of Doi Moi the Vietnamese government has placed an huge emphasis in promoting IT development within the country.

Internet cafes have sprung up all across Vietnam, even in remote areas, giving new computer users access to the World Wide Web. Software Parks have been developed offering many advantages, such as high bandwidth and tax breaks, to encourage many foreign ventures to locate within Vietnam. Each new year, universities are offering more IT programs to help compliment the the current shortages of Vietnamese IT professionals. Despite the shortage, universities are still providing the general student body with enough basic computer skills BPOs established in Vietnam can take advantage of.

Many new university graduates, regardless of their majors, are looking to enter the IT industry as a means to gain valuable IT experience that can help them boost their chances of gaining a good job in the future. The absence of an IT degree normally would make this endeavor difficult but in Vietnam, the emergence of BPOs has opened doors for many prospective IT professionals willing to get their hands dirty in the process.

Many are willing to forgo a high salary to learn new IT skills. These skills obtained by working in BPOs could encourage this new generation of IT skilled workers to become Vietnam’s future computer programmers, web developers, or even possibly IT instructors. Regardless of what route they take, these new IT professionals will help develop Vietnam’s future IT Sector.

Where does SLG Vscapeone come to play in all of this. Not only will SLG Vscapeone be able to offer a door for many new aspiring IT skilled workers, being a Linux-based IT company will also allow the SLG Vscapeone to give these new new workers experience in using open source technology. This in turn will result in huge savings for operation costs for SLG Vscapeone which in turn it can pass on to it’s customers. In short, both our workers and customers will benefit from selecting SLG Vscapeone to BPO match.

Visit the SLG Vscapeone website if you are interesting in selecting us as your BPO solution.

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  1. Paolo

    @Floyd, SaigonNezumi: I agree that BPO’s are all over asia right now. And I think its time for them to look for some at Vietnam.

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