SaigonTech Student Collages

  • Andy

    Hope that collage is not part of their homework and just work they did personally for you. I never remembered doing collage in university.

  • Nikki

    Hi! I want to ask you about collage…In my collage, Is it contrain my photo? or I can add another picture in magazine about my past,future, and present.Picture carry form symbolize about my past,future,present of me or it contrain the picture is me?.Please answer my question..thanks a lot ^.^….send it to my mail,please .

  • Yes Nikki, you can add images from magazines but you have to tell me why in the essay.

    Good luck 🙂

  • I have a question about the collage ???
    In the collage, only pictures??? and can i add the picture from magazine, books, or something like that???
    In the essay, only text ??? And i describle about my collage???And 5 pages in A4 paper????
    In powerpoint, can i get another pictures from the internet??? and what do i do with powerpoint, do the collage with text and picture ???

    Please answer my questions.Thanks you so much>please sent your answer to my email

  • You can add any pictures or images that you want. As long as it follows my instructions.

    Your essay only includes text, no pictures.

    Your powerpoint should include the pictures from your collage.

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