Like This Cafe – Saigon


I met Mai and Vi at the Like This Cafe in Saigon. Yeah, there is a cafe named “Like This” and it is quite near my house. I never noticed it thus this was my first time visiting it (It is quite near Bud’s Ice Cream on the other side of the street).

Here is another cafe that I am sure that Mel (Antidote to Burnout) will like and approve. It gave me a very Seattle-like coffee shop feeling that to this day, only Highland’s Coffee has been able to copy (Highland’s Coffee is a Seattle Best Coffee clone). A very pleasant environment, very well lit (I like bright coffee shops which tend to keep me awake). I just had a strawberry shake which was very good but I will come back to try out the food menu in the very near future.

Saigon Like This Cafe - SaigonNezumi

(Very well lit entrance for Like This Cafe)

Saigon Like This Cafe - SaigonNezumi

(The entrance takes you past flowers and a nice fountain)

Saigon Like This Cafe - SaigonNezumi

(I love the architecture inside)

Saigon Like This Cafe - SaigonNezumi

(Nice and pleasant interior with a good selection of music)

My only complaint was the smoke, I wish they had a no smoking area. Overall, a really nice coffee shop. Thanks Vi and Mai for inviting me here (^_^).

Like This Cafe:

256 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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