Du Mien Cafe – Phu Nhuan District


One of the best kept secrets in Saigon is the Du Mien Cafe located in the Phu Nhuan District. It is located about 5 minutes from my house and a very convenient location for me to meet my Vietnamese friends and students. If you are tired of the expat crowds, this is the ideal location to go. The majority of expats do not even know this place exists though if you asked the taxi driver in District 1, I am sure he he knows about this coffee shop. I did notice that Pao (Rising Above the Phantasm of a Geek) mention this coffee shop in his blog.

The architecture of this cafe is quite nice. I am sure Mel (Antidote to Burnout) would like this coffee shop since it used to be a French villa with a huge garden and pools. The coffee and food is really good. It is packed in the evenings and a really popular place for a guy to take out his girl…

Saigon Du Mien Cafe

(Entrance of Du Mien Cafe)

Saigon Du Mien Cafe

(Nice French villa with trees, plants, and pools)

Saigon Du Mien Cafe

(This is my OFFICE)

Saigon Du Mien Cafe

(Many pools located around the cafe)

Du Mien Cafe Address:

48/9A H0 Bieu Chanh, Phu Nhuan District, Saigon, Vietnam


  1. On the map, look for Nguyen Van Troi and Huynh Van Banh streets. Look for Tran Quang Dieu as well. Notice the first street to the left of Tran Quang Dieu that runs parallel with it from Huynh Van Banh to Nguyen Van Troi. Ho Bieu Chanh is either the first or second alleyway that runs parallel with Huynh Van Banh. If you can get there, you should be able to find Du Mien. Just follow the taxis but if you ask, everyone will know Du Mien.

  2. Hello Kevin,
    I knew your blog through Charvey’s Blog. I stopped by your blog a couple times but this is the first time i write the comment for Du Mien is my favorite coffee shop in SaiGon. Du Mien is the very beautiful and quiet place, right?

  3. I really love Du Mien but since it is so close to my house, I forget about it. Strange, isn’t it. I joke with some of my friends that my office is there. I always sit in the same spot when I need to meet people.

    I like your blog, I hope you do not mind if I add it to my blog (^_^)

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