Another Rainy Day in Saigon

Last Friday I headed to District 1 to meet some friends for lunch. On the way, I had to endure a downpour during a thunderstorm. Luckily I had my rain poncho but it was not enough to keep my lower legs and feet dry. Normally during a downpour, most riders get off their motorbikes and seek shelter. I actually like to ride in the rain since it is warm compared to the rainfall back in Seattle. Still, the rain could have played a part in me being sick Friday night until yesterday (^_^)

Saigon Rainstorm on Motorbike

(View of the Sheraton Hotel during the rainstorm)

Saigon Rainstorm on Motorbike

(Staying dry on Nguyen Hue street)

Saigon Rainstorm on Motorbike

(Riders taking shelter from the rain)

Saigon Rainstorm on Motorbike

(My Yamaha Nouvo being washed)

  • Achh.. I remember how I used to get loadsa emails from people telling me how my blog made them homesick for Vietnam. Now, your blog is making me homesick for Vietnam…

  • You miss the rain? πŸ™‚ I guess the rain here is nice because it is so warm. I thought you lived in Vietnam?

  • Trang thinks I am crazy for liking the rain in Vietnam. πŸ™‚

    It is nearly 85 every day here in San Diego and it is *almost* warm enough that she stops complaining about being cold. Soon it will be 90-100 every day and perhaps then she will finally be happy!

  • Send her up to Seattle for a week, she will never complain about the cold again πŸ™‚

  • Not living there now. We left last September after over ten years in the country – it was a big part of our life. While I absolutely do not miss the weather in Vietnam – never could not stand the humidity and heat – I do have a soft spot for a really good rainstorm and getting completely soaked in warm rain πŸ™‚

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